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Right now I am typing this at my friend Stephanie’s house.  She is all laid up and puffy from having her wisdom teeth extracted from her skull.  It doesn’t look like much fun.  My dentist that I love so very much tells me that I probably won’t need to have mine removed and I’m hoping he’s right.  He also tells me that my teeth are perfect and I’m doing a great job which means a lot to me and makes me want to go there often.

I find Stephanie’s house to be a lot less distracting than mine because none of MY chores are staring at me.  Just hers. Which makes me feel better about abandoning mine to work on my magnum opus: Vaagen’s Vegan Sauce!

I’m feeling very excited about getting my blog ready for the public but I’m running into so many unforeseen obstacles.  Most recently I’ve found that authoring my recipes requires more exact forms of measurement than I use in my daily cooking.  It turns out that I don’t measure my ingredients very often but rather feel them out as I’m adding them which might explain why I’m not a great baker (ha haa).  It’s a bit problematic because readers trying to duplicate my dishes are going to have a hard time feeling how much cumin to add.  SO it’s really been a learning experience and I’ve had to train myself start measuring ingredients as I use them and it’s much harder than it sounds.  In spite of all knowledge to the contrary I still wish that “2 Glugs” of tamari was an acceptable unit of measurement.

See?!  It’s not all fun and games over here.  Maybe I will someday write a post about “When to Measure and When to Not” so that everyone can start doing things MY way. 😉

I’ve also had to confront my lack of aesthetic style/taste(?) and am so very grateful to Michelle of Wolfskull Creative for helping me pick out colors, designing my logo, and making me look babalicious in my photos.  She has also been teaching me how to shoot and edit my own photos so I can look professional and suave which is the ultimate goal.

I would be remiss to neglect mentioning Spencer Carlson from Foyote here as he has been persuading me to build a website for several years now. I probably wouldn’t be doing this at all if he and my mom wouldn’t have spent significant amounts of time prodding me to do so.  Point being, if you’re looking for your dream team, look no further than Spencer and Michelle because they make dreams come true!

Anyway, thank you for visiting The Dish and stay tuned for more details about me complaining and finding new things to struggle with.

Sidenote: I almost wanted to call this “Da Dish” and I’m really glad I didn’t because you probably wouldn’t be reading this.

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