It should be obvious by now that vegan cooking is not only a hobby for me, but also my passion and lifeblood.  I made this website with the intention of sharing my food love with readers from around the globe who are hopefully making all of my recipes and hanging on my every word.  Those of you in the Twin Ports area get to see me all of the time and have a much better chance at eating some of my tasty creations and might want to make some yourself but just don’t know where to begin.

Enter Crafty Cooking Classes!!!  Imagine for a moment how much fun it would be if I came over to your house or you to mine and I showed you how to cook the vegan food of your dreams.

Drooling yet?


It’s a new idea for me and I have brazenly flung myself at it by donating cooking classes to worthy silent auctions in the area.  St. Louis River Alliance and the Community Garden Program.

I have figured out how to do so many vegan things that we can focus on whatever you want to learn whether that be vegan cooking basics, demystifying tofu or tempeh, how to make a Christmas dinner for your weirdo vegan relative, how to make your own seitan, how to use your new pressure cooker, how to be a gluten-free vegan etc.

Send me a message in the CONTACT section to set up a cooking class.  Please be sure to include what you’re interested in learning so that I can create a class tailored to YOU!

Here is a photo from my first cooking class.  We made a root vegetable pizza (upon their request) featuring a quick-rising homemade crust and tofu ricotta along with a salad dressed with a mustardy vinaigrette.


My first cooking class! Afterward we sat down to eat the fruits of our labors as new friends.


Roasted root vegetable pizza with tofu ricotta and fresh salad.




Setting the vegan table – also included in classes 😉





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